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[Feb 1] Multicultural Communications through Romance and Relationships

Multiculturalism is an integral part of the social fabric of our lives in Hong Kong, and this also includes romance and other types of relationships. Now that we are approaching Valentine’s Day and Lantern Festival, it is a good moment to discuss insights on multicultural relationships and communication whether from your own background and experiences or what you have learned from media and other sources.

We would like to invite you to share your thoughts and opinions on these topics with the HKU community in this sharing session entitled “Multicultural Communications through Romance and Relationships”. If there is more interest in sharing than our time period allows, we will select speakers in a way that will create a diverse experience for this event. This event will be held on campus and registrants will receive souvenirs related to the theme! Come and join us!

Please visit the link below to register as a speaker or participant.

For enquiries, please contact Mr. Patrick Suen (School of Modern Languages and Cultures) at

Please show your interest by January 27, 2023 so we can confirm the event program.

Multicultural and Global Diversity Project Team  

(Dr. Mercedes VÁZQUEZ, Dr. Li CHONG, and Dr. Loretta KIM)



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