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The Mystery of the Underwater World: Photography & Talk by Mike Korostelev

HKU and Russian culture festival invites you to join the Photography and Talk events by Mike Korostelev, world famous underwater photographer.

Photographer Mike Korostelev is the award-winning underwater and wildlife photographer and diver who have travelled around the world for many years in search of the biggest underwater animals. He has won 2022’s European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition for his underwater photography of hippos. This annual competition is organised by the German Society of Nature Photography (GDT).

Mike is a well known “whale whisperer”. He has captured many unique moments of the ocean’s gentle giants including a mother sperm whale feeding milk to her calf.

Mike will also share his insights on wildlife conservation: A successful story of the release of nearly 100 captive orcas and belugas from “whale jail”. And why irresponsible whale watching can be worse than the whaling industry.

Mike will come to Hong Kong for a few days and will offer a lecture

Date and Time: September, 27, at 5pm

Lecture at the University of Hong Kong (HKU Centennial Campus. Room CPD-4.17)

For more details, please contact Dr Amir Malikov



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