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Big Desk

Office Staff

Central Management

Ms Cheung, Zena
School Administration Manager
Ms Shum, Dorothy

Non-degree Programme and

Secondary School Programme

Mr.Chow, Peter
Programme Manager (Secondary School)
Ms Yim, Venus
Programme Manager (Non-degree)

Research Postgraduate Programmes

Ms Shum, Dorothy
Programme Manager

Undergraduate Programmes

(Area Studies)

Ms Cheung, Zena
Programme Manager (African Studies, American Studies, China Studies, European Studies and Global Creative Industries)
Ms Yeung, Yvonne
Programme Manager (Japanese Studies and Korean Studies)
Ms Lee, Michelle
Executive Assistant (Experiential Learning)

Undergraduate Programmes


Mr Chow, Peter
Programme Manager (Arabic, Portuguese, Swedish and Thai)

Information & Innovation

Ms Yeung, Yvonne
Ms Chau, Cherry
Officer (Information)
Mr Wong, Kin
Officer (Innovation)
Mr Tang, Yu Hin
Assistant Officer (Innovation)

Outreach and Events

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