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[Apr 2] Home Cooking and Gendered Labor in Global Korea 

Date: April 2, 2024 (Tuesday)

Time: 5:30pm

Venue: Korean Cultural Center, PMQ, Block B, 6-7/F, 35 Aberdeen St., Central

Speaker: Professor Hyaeweol Choi

Professor Hyaeweol Choi is the Stanley Family and Korea Foundation Chair in Korean Studies at the University of Iowa. She is also President of the Association for Asian Studies (2024-25). Her research interests are in the areas of gender, empire, modernity, religion, food and body, and transnational history. 


Jipbap is the term that Koreans use for meals cooked at home. Home cooking has long been seen as the product of women's unpaid labor in the private sphere. In recent decades, however, a discourse and performance of home cooking has emerged in print and visual media as an entrepreneurial opportunity at home and abroad, embraced by both men and women. In this presentation, she approaches home cooking as a historical concept that is varied, contested, and shifting. It intersects with aspects of gender, class, place, age, and globalization, among others; therefore, home cooking offers a useful lens through which to examine shifting gender dynamics and the interplay between the public and the private. 

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