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HKU-HKBU Joint Seminar Series on European Politics

HKU-HKBU Joint Seminar Series on European Politics


What explains the outcome of the election? What is next for Europe’s leading industrial economy? What implications are there for Europe and China?

7 October 2021 (Thu)

Social Science Chamber, 11/F, Jockey Club Tower 6.00-7.30 pm

Please join our experts to discuss the results of the 2021 parliamentary elections in Germany.

Mrs Kathrin Bode (German Academic Exchange Service)

Why do young people favour the Greens and liberals over the big traditional parties? How do we account for the rural-urban gap in terms of attitudes and outlook?

Prof Alistair Cole (HKBU)

What do Germany’s neighbours expect of its new government? Why is Germany so inward-looking?

Dr Axel Harneit Sievers (Heinrich-Böll Foundation)

What explains the rise and popularity of the Greens? What will be the main challenges and obstacles for a new governing coalition?

Dr Florian Knothe (HKU)

What major changes have occurred in German society during the Merkel years? How significant is immigration?

All are welcome. No registration is required.

You may also join us via ZOOM:



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