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Capstone fulfillment for the Japanese Studies major (Japaneses Language stream) in 2022-23

Dear Final Year students in Japanese Studies (Japanese-Language Stream),

The expected way of fulfilling the capstone requirement for graduation in the Japanese Language Stream is either

1) JAPN4099. Japanese language IV (Part 2): Capstone experience (6 credits)


2) JAPN3082. Japanese Studies internship (6 credits)


Students who are not eligible to take JAPN4099 and didn't take JAPN3082 may be permitted to enroll in the course "JAPN4101. Japanese Studies research project: Capstone experience,” offered in Semester 2 (Thursdays 16:30 to 18:20) and taught by Dr. Edwin Michielsen. This is an extraordinary arrangement and requires permission from the Director of Japanese Studies (Dr Poch).

Thank you very much.


Dr. Daniel Poch

Associate Professor and Director

Department of Japanese Studies

The University of Hong Kong

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