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Please join us on Monday February 27th at 09:45 AM in room CPD 2.16 for a lively conversation with Mr Kier Joy, current US Vice Consul for Hong Kong and Macau. Mr Joy will discuss blackness and its complex history in the US and will answer some students’ questions. The talk is in the context of core course AMER2050 and its focus on 20th century US history. All students registered in the American Studies programme are welcome to attend and so are members of staff affiliated to our programme.

Kier Joy is United States Foreign Service Officer with experience serving in Brazil and Hong Kong. He joined the Foreign Service in June 2019. Before joining the Foreign Service, Kier earned a Master of Public Administration from Columbia University. During his time studying, he also interned as a policy fellow for the United States House of Representatives Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere, Civilian Security, Migration and International Economic Policy. Additionally, he interned at the United States Embassy in Mexico City focusing on human rights. He also holds two bachelor degrees from the University of Georgia in political science and international affairs.

Moderator: Dr Bárbara Fernández-Melleda, AMER2050 Instructor, Assistant Professor in Latin American Studies, American Studies Programme

For enquiries, please contact Dr Bárbara Fernández-Melleda at



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