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Spanish III.1





1st semester

100% coursework. Coursework includes: i) progress tests, ii) other assignments and iii) participation in class.


SPAN2002. Spanish II.2




Core Course

This course continues to build on the two previous years’ work at a more advanced level. The intention is to lead participants towards a more independent use of the Spanish language. Students will be exposed to a variety of texts from different media (written, audio and video) from the Spanish-speaking world. This course aims to develop students’ language proficiency through a more in-depth study of important grammatical topics as well as to increase their vocabulary acquisition. The overall aim of the course is to bring the students to a stage consistent with the level B1.2 as defined and established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). By the end of this course students should be able to understand the main ideas of relatively complex standard texts. They should also be able to interact with native speakers with a certain degree of fluency, produce clear, detailed texts on familiar topics, and give reasons and explanations for their own opinions and plans.


Blasco-García Rocío

Blasco-García Rocío

Senior Lecturer

Juaristi Garamendi Martín

Juaristi, Martin


Torrado Solo de Zaldivar Pablo

Torrado Solo de Zaldivar, Pablo

Assistant Lecturer

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