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Senior Lecturer
Programme Director, Spanish Programme

Blasco-García Rocío

Spanish Programme
DEA (MPhil) Universidad Nebrija
MEd University of Liverpool (UK)


Ms. Blasco García has an MPhil in the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language from Universidad Nebrija, a Master of Education in Applied Linguistics from The University of Liverpool, and an MA in English Studies from Universidad de Sevilla, where she completed her undergraduate studies in English Philology.  

Ms. Blasco García joined the University of Hong Kong in 1993. She was instrumental in the setting up and development of the Spanish Programme at HKU and has been its Director since it was established. She has lent her expertise in developing language programmes to institutions outside HKU, first as an adviser and later as external examiner for their Spanish Programs.  Additionally, she collaborates with institutions across Hong Kong in the promotion of the Spanish language and cultures. 

Her research interests are in the area of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, with a particular interest in Telecollaboration in language learning, Intercultural development, the teaching of Culture and Translation in the foreign language classroom and the development of Spanish studies in Asia. She translated David Nunan’s book on Task-based Language Teaching into Spanish and she is a regular article reviewer for journals specialised on Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language .

Ms. Blasco García teaches general language courses at all levels and also upper division courses ranging from Culture to Translation and Learner Autonomy. She was awarded the Faculty Teaching Excellence Award 2015-16.

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517, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus

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Research Area

Development of Spanish studies in Asia (focus on Hong Kong), Intercultural development in the language classroom, Telecollaboration

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