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Internship for students of Spanish (capstone experience)





1st semester & 2nd semester

100% coursework (graded on a Pass/Fail basis)


SPAN3002. Spanish III.2; OR


SPAN3002. Spanish III.2


Capstone Experience Course

The internship aims at providing selected senior students with an opportunity to work in environments where they will be able to apply their disciplinary knowledge and skills, and acquire work experience through on-the-job training. Internship positions are arranged by students, under the guidance of the course coordinator, in host organisations which provide relevant experiences, such as in government offices, educational institutions, private companies engaged in trade or legal relations between Spanish-language and Asian partners, PR and media relations, event organisation, research and database creation. The student learning activities include preparation, on-site internship work under the guidance and supervision of an internship supervisor, meetings with the academic coordinator/ supervisor, and all associated reading and assessment-related work, which must be completed in Spanish. Assessment (pass/fail) is based on written reports of no more than 3,500 words and feedback from the internship supervisor. Internships should be conducted at any point during the year before the end of the second semester of year 4 but the registration is offered at the beginning of the first and second semesters only. Students selecting this course as a capstone experience can only register in year 4.

This course is open to students who are in year 4 and have successfully completed or are currently enrolled in SPAN3002. Spanish III.2. Priority will be given to Major students.

Important Note:

Students wishing to take SPAN4005 need to schedule a meeting with Dr. Mercedes Vázquez (email:


Mercedes Vázquez

Vázquez, Mercedes


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