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Developing autonomy in Spanish language learning (capstone experience)





2nd semester

100% coursework.


SPAN3002. Spanish III.2; OR


SPAN3002. Spanish III.2


Capstone Experience Course

The objective of this course is to enable students to develop autonomous and lifelong habits in Spanish language learning, at the same time as they get exposed to authentic samples of linguistic and cultural production. Students will demonstrate mastery of the skills they have developed and the knowledge they have gained during their degree, as well as reflect on their academic, personal, social and linguistic development.

The course takes the form of a portfolio of autonomous learning activities to be completed throughout the semester. Students will be required to complete a portfolio consisting of a series of activities of their choice within a given repertoire (e.g. watching a film in Spanish, analysing a historical documentary, summarising and critically assessing the contents of weekly news bulletins, etc.) with the aim of putting into practice all the language skills and cultural knowledge they have developed during their university studies. The course teachers will organize a series of workshops aimed at preparing students for such tasks and will also provide students with worksheets to facilitate and monitor their work. Students will have to attend supervision meetings to review the progress of their portfolio. By the end of the semester students should have compiled a portfolio of activities as required and should have demonstrated that they can self-manage their language learning.


Blasco-García Rocío

Blasco-García Rocío

Senior Lecturer

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