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Korean Studies research seminar (capstone experience)





2nd semester

100% coursework


KORE2032. Korean literature in translation: sentiments and human relationships in modern Korean fiction or KORE2033. Modern and contemporary Korea: modernity and social change or KORE2034. Gender, sexuality, and family in Korea or KORE2035. Society and thoughts in Korea or KORE2044. The Korean War: Origins, aftermath, reconstruction, and remembrance or KORE3032. Directed readings in Korean Studies or KORE3042. Advanced seminar in Korean Studies or KORE3043. Border-crossing literature from Korea and beyond




Capstone Experience Course

This is a small-group research seminar course and also a capstone experience for students in their final year. This course explores aspects of Korean history, film, literature, culture and society at an advanced level. The specific area of study may vary from year to year depending on students’ background, interests and the expertise of the instructor. Students will have topic-focused workshops, intensive group meetings, and also pursue a small research project. Students will be encouraged to engage with original texts written in Korean, although the class will be conducted in English and assignments should be written in English.



Kim Su Yun

Kim, Su Yun

Associate Professor

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