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Associate Professor
Programme Director, Korean Studies

Kim, Su Yun

Korean Studies
PhD University of California, San Diego
MA, BA Yonsei University


I specialize in modern Korean literature and culture. My interests include imperialism and colonialism in East Asia (former Japanese Empire),  gender and sexuality, race, popular literature (middlebrow and lowbrow literature), Korean literary history and novel, transwar Korean cinema. My monograph, Imperial Romance: Fictions of Colonial Intimacy in Korea, 1905–1945 examines discourses of romance and marriage between Koreans and Japanese by critically analyzing print culture, including literary texts, popular media, and film from the colonial era in Korea. Book reviews appeared in the Journal of Asian Studies, International Journal of Asian Studies, and CHOICE. My current research explores the production of popular fiction and romance in 20th Century Korea supported by several research grants including the General Research Fund (GRF) from the Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong, SAR, and the Academy of Korean Studies.  Meanwhile, I have co-edited a book on the transwar culture of Korea and Taiwan. East Asian Transwar Popular Culture: Literature and Film from Taiwan and Korea (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019) explores the shared experience of colonialism and post-colonialism of Korea and Taiwan through analysis of literature and film. This project was supported by Louis Cha Fund and China-West Strategic Research Theme Fund of HKU.

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