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Introduction to global creative industries





1st semester

100% coursework






Core Course

This introductory course will adopt an interdisciplinary approach to examine significant and complex issues related to the emergence, development and prospect of the global creative industries.  This course is a prerequisite for all students intending to declare a major or minor in Global Creative Industries, but it is also suitable for anyone seeking a broad understanding of the interplay between culture and creative economy. 

We will examine the concept of the ‘global creative industries’ by offering a brief overview of the industries of advertising, art, fashion, antiques and crafts, publishing, music, performing arts, digital entertainment, design, film and video as well as television and radio. We will survey and identify the key players and characteristics of the emerging global creative economy by exploring the development of creative industries in different regions, such as East Asia, North America and Europe. We will also analyze the impact and implication of the growth of global creative industries on the role and function of culture in society today. Our goal is to help students examine and reflect critically on the cultural, economic, social as well as political forces that shape the form and content of global creative industries.


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