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Portraits of the French language





1st semester

100% coursework


FREN2002. French II.2




Elective Course

With more than 200 million speakers across five continents, French is one of the most influential world languages. Marked by a long and rich history, the French language is also an essential element of national and cultural identity. Yet, far from being homogeneous, it shows great historical, regional and cultural variations, and is constantly evolving. Taking a multidisciplinary approach to explore the French language, this course will review important moments in its development and investigate some of its variants across different communities and regions. The course will then examine the role of the French language as a tool to exert power and influence in France and abroad as well as its significance in the construction of national and cultural identities. Additionally, participants will use selected French texts to discuss related topics such as the current issues and debates surrounding the French language, the proximity and interconnections with other languages, and the major institutions in charge of its regulation and promotion. The medium of discussion will be French, as well as all the material under investigation.


Holtermann Sylvain

Holtermann, Sylvain

Senior Lecturer

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