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Spanish for professional purposes






100% coursework


SPAN2001. Spanish II.1; OR


SPAN2002. Spanish II.2 *Students may not enroll in SPAN2028 if they have already completed SPAN2002


Elecitve Course

SPAN2028 is a Spanish for Specific Purposes course which aims at preparing students to effectively interact with Spanish-speaking commercial or governmental institutions. It is aimed at developing students’ communicative competence in all four skills (oral, listening, writing, reading), their grammar knowledge and the necessary intercultural competence that will allow them to successfully interact in common situations encountered during the development of administrative and business activities in Spanish-speaking professional environments. The course covers topics such as business vocabulary, job applications, structure and organization of companies, graph commentaries, company design, product description and elementary business correspondence. There will also be a focus on intercultural communication with the Spanish-speaking world in relation to business matters. Students will be exposed to articles on Economy and Business at an elementary level, and will write simple texts to conduct business transactions or apply for a job. Face-to-face negotiations will also be conducted at a level suitable for this course. The level of this course is B1.1 according to CEFRL (European Framework of Reference for Languages).


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