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Business Japanese





2nd semester

100% coursework (assignments, quizzes and oral interview test)


JAPN3017 is open to students who have successfully completed JAPN3099. Japanese language III (Part 2) in their 2nd year; OR


Students enrolled in JAPN3099. Japanese language III (Part 2) in their 3rd year.


Japanese-medium elective

This is a language elective course for third-year Japanese language students. The course will concentrate on basic concepts of ‘positive face’ and ‘negative face’ as proposed under the ‘Politeness theory’ and will enable students to understand the underlying reasons why some behaviours are acceptable in Japanese society and others are not. Emphasis will be placed on the differences between Japanese and Hong Kong behaviours and practices. Students will also acquire basic spoken and written business Japanese skills and the behaviours appropriate to a Japanese business context with a focus on the language styles, vocabulary and phraseology needed to deal with a variety of business situations. By the end of the course, students are expected to effectively employ the basic concepts in Politeness theory and basic business language, as well as other knowledge acquired throughout the course, in the presentation of a short skit. Students are strongly recommended to take JAPN3067. Japanese pragmatics: Understanding the hidden meaning in the first semester. Students enrolled in JAPN4088. Japanese language IV (Part 1) or JAPN4099. Japanese language IV (Part 2): Capstone experience are not eligible to take this course.


Yoshikawa Takako

Yoshikawa, Takako


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