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American film, from Golden-Age Hollywood to New Hollywood and beyond





2nd semester

100% coursework


AMER1050 or GCIN1001 or CLIT1008




Elective Course

Hollywood is known to spin dreams, visions and illusions but, caught-up in the big-screen experience, viewers often forget that these dreams and illusions are spun within particular social and cultural contexts. Films are woven into national myths, myths are woven into the society that builds them, and society is woven into the people that create and recreate America everyday as they live, work and go to the movies. This course will look at many of the biggest, most famous and most representative Hollywood blockbusters—films and their movie-star icons—that in many ways define American culture. We will consider films from the so-called Golden Age of Hollywood win the studios ruled the theater to the era of New Hollywood when directors drew increasing inspiration from European films. Students will be introduced to various genres that have become synonymous with Hollywood, among them the action thriller, classic and revisionist western, MGM musical, film noir and police story, science fiction, romantic comedy, Disney animation, and others. The experience of these films and their contexts will broaden our knowledge of American cultural values and help us critique these values, so that the reality of American life is explored alongside its ideals. The course will also aim to enhance critical and creative thinking as well as speaking and writing skills.


Bautista Anna Marie

Bautista, Anna Marie


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