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School Overview

The School of Modern Languages and Cultures aims at creating the appropriate environment to foster research, teaching and learning in area studies and languages. Students enrolled in our programmes will have a chance to develop intercultural awareness and communicative aptitude as they become acquainted with some of the world languages and cultures today. With more than 70 academic and support staff, the School contributes to the global outlook and leading position of the University of Hong Kong in the region.


At present, the School offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in African Studies, American Studies, China Studies, European Studies, Global Creative Industries, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies as well as undergraduate programmes in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Thai.

The School also offers majors in French, German, Italian and Spanish, with courses ranging from language, culture, linguistics, translation and literature, as well as minors in the Arabic, Korean, Portuguese, Swedish and Thai languages. These programmes are taught by specialist teachers and are supported by excellent teaching facilities and learning resources. Students enrolled in these programmes are strongly encouraged to travel abroad during the course of their studies.

The School’s strength lies in the breadth of its offerings in equipping students with the requisite language skills, as well as with cultural, literary, economic, political and social analytical knowledge. The School has the potential to bring a genuine pedagogical coherence through linkages between the various areas and programmes it teaches. Also, Hong Kong regional position offers our School a huge opportunity for intellectual expansion by providing a unique vantage point for East/West studies.

All our programmes aims to produce graduates who are able to take full advantage of the many new employment opportunities which are opening up as economic and cultural contacts between China and the rest of the world become stronger.

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The School strives to offer the best learning environment to the students and teachers by providing facilities equipped with up-to-date technology on one hand and abundant resources for self-access purpose on the other. The School supports the use of emerging technologies in order to foster innovative teaching methods and independent learning.

For classroom teaching, a total of 9 audio-visual seminar rooms, multi-media laboratories and language laboratories are located on the 4th and 5th floor of the Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus.

Wireless local area network access points are available in all the facilities to allow students to connect to the University campus network and the Internet using their personal portable devices and laptops.

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