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Assistant Professor

Steinberg, Monica

American Studies
PhD The Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY)


Monica Lee Steinberg received a PhD in Art History from The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, joining SMLC in 2019 as an assistant professor. She teaches classes on modern and contemporary art as it intersects with technology, law, and the market, and student assignments frequently involve the realization of creative projects.

Dr. Steinberg’s research considers art, new media, and law of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, with a specific focus on fictional attribution, legal studies, and humor in a global context. Her writing has appeared in journals such as Art Journal, Art History, American Art, Oxford Art Journal, and elsewhere, and in exhibition catalogues such as the Venice Biennale’s Love Me, Love Me Not: Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan and its Neighbours and The Abstract Impulse: Fifty Years of Abstraction at the National Academy, 1956-2006.

For a list of publications, digital humanities projects, and other endeavors, see:

Postgraduate Supervision

Ms Anqi Li PhD student (2021-2025)


· Art Wars (2022),, A Simulated Art Market Game. Collaboration with Gabriel Getzie. Graphics by Taylor Lovell; Avatars by Pinky Yuen.

· Roadside Photography (2021),, An interactive map of the photographs of John Margolies. Collaboration with Gabriel Getzie.

· Expensive Taste (2021),, An Art Market Choosing Game. Collaboration with Gabriel Getzie.

·  AskRedditButAI(2020),, An AI Reddit and Twitter Personality. Collaboration with Gabriel Getzie.

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511, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus

HKU Scholars Hub


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Art + Technology, Art + Law, Art + Crime, Art + Markets/Money, Art + Humor, Art + Fiction, Digital Humanities, Modern and Contemporary Art History

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