Assistant Professor

Li, Ji

China Studies
PhD University of Michigan, USA
MA, BA Peking University, China


Born and grew up in Chongqing, a mega city on upper Yangtse River, China, I went to college in Beijing and received my B.A and M.A degrees in history from Peking University. My initial and innocent interest in French history and Sino-European communication later developed into several transnational projects on French missionaries in China. I completed my training as a historian in the US (Ph.D., Michigan) and France (Chateaubriand Scholar, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales). The cross-cultural training background allows me to study, to understand, and to embrace the often-neglected people and time-space in archives, such as those examined in my first two books, God’s Little Daughters: Catholic Women in Nineteenth-Century Manchuria (Washington, 2015) and Missions Étrangères de Paris (MEP) and China (Brill, 2021). 

My research fields center on social and religious history of late imperial and modern China, Christianity, religion and local society, and women and gender. My work often takes a microhistorical approach to explore the value of history as care for people at social and cultural margins. This approach is particularly exemplified in my forthcoming new monograph which examines forgotten modern missionaries in Chinese local society during chaotic years of the twentieth century. Those cross-cultural exchanges in people’s every life shows not only China in the world, but also world in China.   

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English, Chinese (Putonghua), French, China, Northeast Asia, France

Research Area

Social and religious history, Late imperial and modern China, History of Christianity, Religion and local society, Women and gender, Cross-cultural studies of China and the West

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