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Affiliated Associate Professor

Ford, Stacilee

American Studies
BA Brigham Young
EdM Harvard
EdD Columbia


Dr. Stacilee Ford is an Affiliated Associate Professor in the Faculty of Arts at The University of Hong Kong. She teaches in SMLC, History, and Gender Studies. Her teaching, research, and publications focus on Cultural History, U.S. History, Transnational U.S. Studies, Gender and History, Transpacific Popular Culture, Leadership Studies, and Interdisciplinary and Intersectional pedagogy. In addition to journal articles and book chapters she has published Mabel Cheung Yuen Ting’s An Autumn’s Tale (Hong Kong University Press, 2008) and Troubling American Women: Narratives of Gender and Nation in Hong Kong (HKUP, 2011).

Dr. Ford has been at HKU since 1993. She helped build the HKU Programme in American Studies and is a founding member of the HKU Women’s Studies Research Centre. She worked with HKU colleagues in creating the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Hong Kong Cinema in a Global World” and promoting the HKU “HeForShe” initiative. She consults with various organizations on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity initiatives and is currently writing a book on leadership, manhood, and popular culture in transpacific perspective.


Book Chapters

Fall 2018: “Aspirationally Yours: Pan-Asian Cinematic Convergence,” in Gina

Marchetti, Aaron Magnan-Park and Tan Sik-Kam, eds., The Palgrave Handbook of Asian Cinema (London: Palgrave)

Fall 2018: “Sister Acts: Relief Society and ‘Flexible Citizenship’ in Hong Kong,” in Joanna Brooks and Gina Colvin, eds., Decolonizing Mormonism: Approaching a Postcolonial Zion (Salt Lake: University of Utah Press).

Summer 2016: “Reel Sisters and ‘Other Diplomacy: Cathay Cinema’s Cold War

Women.” In John Carroll and Priscilla Roberts, Hong Kong and the Cold War. (Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press)

Spring 2016: “Blockbuster Dreams: Chimericanization in American Dreams in China and Finding Mr. Right.” In Priscilla Roberts, ed. The Power of Culture: Encounters Between China and the United States. (Cambridge: Cambridge Press, 2016).

Fall 2015: “Maybe It’s Time for a Little History Lesson Here”: Autographics and Ann

Marie Fleming’s The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam.” In Monica Chiu, ed., Drawing New Color Lines: Transnational Asian American Graphic Narratives (Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2015).

Fall 2014: “Crossing the Planes: Gathering, Grafting, and Second Sight in the

Hong Kong China International District.” In Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought. Vol. 47, no. 3 (Fall 2014), pp. 23-52.

Spring 2012: “American Women in the New China: Muted Exceptionalisms at Twilight.” In Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Vol. 14, No. 4 (2012) , pp. 576-591.

Fall 2011: Transpacific Waves in a Global Sea: Mabel Cheung Yuen Ting’s Cinematic Archive.” In Lingzhen Wang, ed., Women and Chinese Cinema (New York: Columbia University Press, 2011).

Spring 2010: “Inquisitive American Women in the Age of Globalization,” in

America in the Era of Globalization (Sichuan: Sichuan University Press, 2010)

Fall 2007: “Hong Kong Goes to America," in Gina Marchetti and Tam See Kam, eds., Hong Kong Film, Hollywood and the New Global Cinema:  No Film is an Island (London: Routledge, 2007).

Spring 2007: “Changed by the Encounter: Women Who Bridge the Sino-American Divide,” in Priscilla Roberts, ed., Bridging the Sino-American Divide: American Studies with Chinese Characteristics. (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007), pp. 277-288.

Spring 2007:  “Perspectives on Women and Diplomacy: A View from Hong Kong,” in

Priscilla Roberts and He Peiqun, eds., Bonds Across Borders: Women, China, and International Relations in the Modern World. (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007), pp. 257-273.

December 2002: "Women, Gender, and HKU,” in An Impossible

Dream: Hong Kong University from Foundation to Re-Establishment, 1910-1950, Peter Cunich and Chan Lau Kit-ching, eds., Oxford University Press.

Spring 2001: "Portrayals of Gender and Generation, East and West: Suzie Wong in the Noble House," book chapter in Before and After Suzie: Hong Kong in Western Film and Fiction. Co-authored with Geetanjali Singh. Thomas Y.T. Luk and James P. Rice, Eds. Chinese University Press.

Spring 1997: "Claim-Jumping at Century's End: University Student Identity in Late-Transition Hong Kong," in Hong Kong & China: Pursuing a New Destiny (Singapore: Toppan Company, 1997).

Journal Articles

Winter 2009: “Sikh Masculinity, Religion, and Diaspora in Shauna Singh Baldwin’s English Lessons and Other Stories,” Men and Masculinities, February 2009. (Coauthored with Geetanjali Singh Chanda.)

Fall 2005: "Fictionalizing Feminism: Xu Xi's 1990s Hong Kong Fiction," Lilith, November, 2005.

Fall 2004: "Movies, MacDonald's and Mickey Mouse: Teaching American Studies in Hong Kong," Journal of American Studies of Turkey, Fall, 2004.

Summer 1999: "Hong Kong Students Look at the U.S.A.: American Studies in Hong Kong," journal article co-authored with Gordon Slethaug and published in American Studies, Vol. 40, No. 2.

October 1996: "To Touch the Trends: Internationalizing American Studies: Perspectives from Hong Kong and Asia." American Studies International, Volume XXXIV, No. 2. Co-authored with Clyde Haulman.

September 1996: "Claim-Jumping at Century's End: University Student Identity in Late-Transition Hong Kong." The Annals: Journal of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, September 1996.

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Research Area

Cultural History, Transnational American Studies, Gender and History, Transnational Feminist Studies, Sinophone and Asia Diaspora Histories, Interdisciplinary Pedagogy and the Cross-Cultural Classroom. Cross-Cultural Leadership and Intersectional Analysis of the 21st Century Workplace (with an emphasis on connections between generation, geography and gender), Narrative Research on Diversity and Dual Careers in Higher Education

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